Jiréh Logistic Service is an international trade agency dedicated to the management of services and products between Asia and Latin America through consulting, logistics, promotion and manufacture; providing the consultancy, mediation, information and management needed to achieve the commercial objectives of our clients.

In addition, in Jiréh Logistic Service, we have a profound commitment with our clients, providing trustworthiness and efficiency in the development of all our activities.


Establish as one of the main trading business which allow and foster the trade of goods and products between Latin America and Asia. Develop highly specialized personnel who have principles and values focused on the community development.


Social Responsibility

40% of our profits are dedicated to the community development in emerging countries.
We seek suppliers who offer suitable working compensations and conditions.
We optimize the use of resources concerning the environment.


We manage information, resources and processes with integrity and transparency. We provide a service that fosters and guarantees our client's trust.


All our activities depict professionalism and quality. We establish and adopt high standards of behavior and results.
We seek with passion the ongoing improvement of our performance, of the product we manage and of our results.